The above interior photos are our latest. For a more extensive grasp of the whole picture, you may want to scroll further down on this page, to older photos, where you can pan from side to side in each room, with the buttons found on the upper right of each photo below.

Just let us know how we can provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for you and your guests . . . and we 'll do our best to make it happen for you.

The rustic interior of the Main Room of the club house is shown below. It has a large TV with surround sound, fireplace and dining area. We have a full liquor license.The large bar has a collection of beverages; Pop, Coffee, Beer, Wine and Basic Liquor Bar. You'll be amazed at all the mounts and collectibles, displayed throughout the entire building.

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Below is the Lounge area.
Below is the South part of our Conference Room area, where you can have your meetings before or after the hunt. This room is great for personal parties and events, which can also be complimented by a full list of wild game, expertly prepared by our chef.
And, lastly, below is the North end of the Conference Room.
It adjoins the area that is shown in the above photo.