The Bunk House
Game Bird
Bunk House

Get up, after a good night's rest, have some coffee, just the way you like it . . . and then, just step right outside the door. The birds will be out there, not far off, waiting for you. And then, afterwards, you can go back to the Bunk House, and relax, and do whatever folks do, after a great hunt on the farm, your farm . . . for one day at a time. Many folks will drool over a chance at something like this, but it's your's for the asking. Just call us, and we'll make it all possible for you . . . whenever you say.
This authentic farm home has been remodeled and updated to meet the same quality of standards as our popular Game Bird Lodge. Besides that - it has the ambience and feeling of being "out on the farm" - with barn, silo, and granery all adding to the atmosphere. And, yes . . . there will also be plenty of birds for you, whenever you want them.

This modern farm house is very comfortably furnished with:
• TV • Telephone • Full Kitchen • Complete Bath • Fire Place • BBQ Grill • Air Conditioning • Fans
• And great views . . . anywhere you look.

The kitchen, above, is plenty spacious. Through that open door, over on the left,
is the living room, which is shown below. The Bunk House has
four bedrooms,
including two upstairs, with a total of 7 beds.

$60.00/per night, per person, plus tax
Minimum of $120.00 per night
Children 16 and under - $25.00/per night
Children 8 and under – Free
A $50.00 Deposit is required and a one week cancellation is our policy

Prices may be subject to change. Call to confirm current rates and reservation.